“Just a few days after starting CBD drops I realised I was no longer feeling that constant anxious feeling, it put my mind at ease and I for first time in a while felt like I could actually get through a day stress-free.”
James Bellamy

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Vitality+ PM


The Vitality+ anxiety relief kit is 100% naturally and designed to give you the anxiety and stress relief both day and night.
Each drop contains our specialist hemp oil extracts. Simple and safe, take morning and night for your optimal anxiety relief.

  • Am Serum
  • Pm Serum
  • Gratitude Journal
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Vitality+ PM 1000mg:

Our Vitality+ PM is best consumed 30 minutes before switching the lights off and snuggling into bed for the evening. It will assist you in gaining a deeper quality of sleep, by working to help relieve symptoms of anxiety.  1 in 3 adults report trouble sleeping and one of those main triggers is stress and anxiety.

Start by taking half a dropper (.5ml) for the first 7 days and keep track of how you are feeling in the Vitality+ Journal. After 7 days you may want to increase to a full dropper (1ml). The goal is to take the least amount to get the desired result, so start low and go slow.