“Just a few days after starting CBD drops I realised I was no longer feeling that constant anxious feeling, it put my mind at ease and I for first time in a while felt like I could actually get through a day stress-free.”
James Bellamy

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Daily Gratitude Journal


The Vitality+ Cognitive Behavioural Journal is designed to complement our AM & PM serums to give you the anxiety and stress relief naturally.

Our Cognitive Behavioural Journal was designed by therapists to help you learn effective tools for managing anxiety.

  • This journal will aid you in becoming aware of the relationship between your thoughts and your feelings enabling you to adjust them over time.
  • CBT is one of the best tools for managing anxiety. These exercises are designed to help you identify, challenge and adjust your previous thinking patterns.
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Gratitude Journal:

Journaling is a great way to practise mindfulness and connect with your thoughts and feelings. Research shows that expressing gratitude (being thankful for people and situations) can improve your physical and mental health. So, keeping a gratitude journal can be a huge boost for your wellbeing.

Not only is journaling good for your anxiety and mental health it is also a useful tool for tracking how your anxiety is decreasing with Vitality+ and part of our 30 day money back guarantee we offer.